Will Tesla's Powerwall lower your electricity bill in Nova Scotia?

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This past week the founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, announced his latest project called the Tesla Powerwall.

Put simply, this is a home battery that is meant to reduce reliance on the power grid for electricity. While Musk primarily promotes it as a way to store electricity generated from household-solar, the project also benefits those without energy generation equipment.

So what does this mean for YOU in Nova Scotia?

Well, probably not much. But it could in the future. Let me explain.

The Future of Video Content

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I had a conversation recently with a few friends about "podcasts". As someone who has spent some time creating online video content and is interested in online video distribute, I've come to dislike the word. This spite is similar to writers who are called "bloggers" by the mainstream media. Both terms carry a weight that dismisses the creators as amateurs, hobbyists who have no credibility when compared to the mainstream media. While in some cases this may be true, it is painting with a broad brush.

The term "podcasting" reached the mainstream following an article published in The Guardian by Ben Hammersley. In his article, Hammersley explains that the rise of the iPod and MP3 players fosters a new era of amateur broadcasting - "pod-casting", get it?

Apple eventually integrated a podcast section into iTunes, allowing users to subscribe to a show and have it automatically download onto their iPod upon release. For several years, if you wanted your podcast to be successful, you needed it to be on iTunes.